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Main window
This is elmo's main window, just after startup.


Outlook theme
Elmo has a configurable interface which allows you to have a message displayed along with folder of messages, and list of mailboxes. Look-n-feel settings may be stored together in a separate file, which is then included in your .elmorc file as a theme.


80 x 25
There is a special theme designed for people using traditional text terminal with 25 lines and 80 columns.


Elmo and cygwin
You can force elmo to use only ascii characters for drawing frames on terminals like cygwin's. It is then possible to have elmo running on windows machine.


In sent, drafts, and outbox elmo changes its format so that you are shown the receiver rather than author (which is you). You can change this behaviour if you wish.


This window is very similar to mutt's. In elmo you can change smtp server via which you send your message. After pressing 'y' message is moved to outbox. You don't have to wait till it gets sent. Networking support is fully asynchronous.

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